July 3, 2023

10 Video Trends to Look Out for In 2023

Logan Braun

It's time we all hopped on the video train. People love interacting with and consuming video content, so give the people what they want.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer, small business owner, or budding startup, you need to know the 10 video trends to watch out for in 2023.

#1 Not wide, not square, not vertical, but all of the above.

Video isn’t just for your TV anymore. It’s for your computer, tablet, and, more importantly, on your phone. Having your content ready for your audience in their preferred method of viewing is an absolute must. It’s a bit more work, but making life easier for your audience makes them more likely to convert. 

#2 Multipurpose Your Long-form Video content (Content Remixing)

Extend your video content value by repackaging longer content into quick, digestible messages across different platforms. This makes the content work harder and longer, lengthening it’s life cycle. Videos are expensive, content remixing gives you the most bang for your buck.

Repurposing long-form video content is especially helpful for social media content. People love consuming video content, but most people don’t want to spend 7 minutes on Twitter or Instagram watching videos. Break up long videos in multiple 30 seconds or 1-minute clips to keep your social media audience engaged.

#3 Less audio, more captions

Raise your hand if you can’t hear a video, tv show, or movie without the captions on!

The audio of your video will always be important. But it’s necessary to make it easy for people to follow when you can’t (or shouldn’t) have audio playing. Captions just make life easier and people are all about convenience. 

#4 Educational Videos (very specific “how to’s)

Everybody thinks the shorter the video, the better. But sometimes your message is just long and can’t be covered in 20 seconds or less—and that’s okay! Tutorials and concepts can and should be detailed. Your audience is searching for these videos because they need help and the answer might be a few minutes long. 

For these educational videos, make you or your company the product expert and say what needs to be said and show what needs to be shown, no matter how long it takes.

#5 Move your CTA to the middle of your video (and keep it at the end as well)

We’ve all become very used to hearing the same intro and outro. It’s so easy to ignore the ending of your video because the CTA is always the same. You focus so much on the middle of the video that you overlook the most important part. So switch it up! 

Put your CTA near the end of your video with one or two points left to make. This ensures that you’re grabbing the attention of your audience while they’re still fully devoted to you. Remember that the human attention span is declining every day, so you need to make sure that your CTA gets seen.

#6 Behind-the-scenes moments

Most people will agree that the bloopers are the funniest parts of a production (if you haven’t seen The Office bloopers, what are you even doing). 

Behind-the-scenes moments are so popular because they’re relatable and humorous. Everyone makes mistakes—mistakes make us human. 

Adding this levity to your final version can be refreshing for your audience to experience. It showcases that you or your company are no different than everyone else and allows for a more personal and relatable relationship to form between you and your audience.

#7 Motion video recording 

Stationery videos will always be around and valuable to have, but if you are looking to really showcase your personality (and venue), then try the walk-and-talk route. Our lives are in constant distraction mode, so keeping your foreground and background new will keep your audience engaged from start to finish. 

#8 Motion Typography

Sometimes, you need to liven up your video but don’t have a lot of visuals to show. But all you need are some words!

Kinetic typography is an animation technique that uses moving text to capture attention and set the video's tone. Dynamic, moving text just might be exactly what you need to make your boring message more engaging to your audience.

#9 Minimalism 

Minimalism isn’t just an interior design style—it can be a pillar of your brand. 

Simple, clean, and straightforward videos will dominate 2023. We often get hyper-focused on the nitty-gritty details of things, and while you should certainly try to stand out from the crowd, you don’t want to overwhelm your audience. Sometimes people just need a stripped-down version of your content that’s just the basics and answers the most common questions. 

When a video is easy to watch and follow, it’s more likely to convert.

#10 Nostalgia 

Have you been having a case of Deja Vu lately? It’s probably because nostalgia has been trending across all industries—fashion, food, TV, music, you name it. Uggs are back in style now—that’s how prevalent it’s become.

Nostalgic creative has become more popular since the start of the pandemic. Everyone likes to be reminded of simpler, happier times. After the world turned upside down, nostalgia has proved to be an effective marketing strategy.

Whether it’s simple graphic design, fonts on your thumbnail, or full-on grunge 90’s attire in your video, the heart wants what the heart wants. 

And there you have it! The top 10 video trend we think you'll be seeing a lot of in 2023. If liked the examples you saw here and want to get started on a video project, get it touch with our team.

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