July 3, 2023

9 Web Design Trends to Look Out For In 2023

Juliyana Fridline

First impressions matter—they can make or break an opportunity or relationship. 

Your website is your brand's most valuable first impression. It only takes a second for your audience to form an opinion about your brand based on your website. So don’t let your website’s design slide through the cracks!

If you want your website to stand out from your competitors and wow your audience, take a look at these 9 web design trends for 2023.

#1 Accessibility 

We don’t love classifying accessibility and inclusivity as a trend, but we’re happy that this issue is starting to get the recognition it deserves.'

The most common accessibility issue is color contrast. Contrast is the relationship between design elements and can greatly impact your website’s performance. So, for example, pastel blue and white are too similar and will result in poor contrast. But pastel blue and rich navy are a match made in heaven. Maybe this will help:

You can use this handy dandy color contrast checker to see how your website is doing.

#2 Single-page design

As much as we love creativity and complexity, users long for simplicity—and that’s where the single-page website comes into play. It may seem crazy to try to fit everything onto one page, but there are some benefits like:

  • No page refresh
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple user experience 
  • High content density 

On the flip side, you have to be careful that you don’t have too much content because then the page will take longer to load and let’s be honest, users don’t want to scroll for 5 minutes.

Single-page websites are excellent for businesses targeting a single audience, selling one product, showcasing a portfolio, or service-based businesses. If you need some inspiration, we love this single-page design website.

#3 Illustrations and 3D elements

3D elements are gaining more popularity because it’s an interactive way to showcase your brand’s personality. It’s the same reason people love action movies in 3D—it keeps you on your toes and fully engaged throughout the entire experience. 

This trend is especially popular among apps and companies that have a ‘mascot’ or have a lot of characters in their branding.

#4 Gradients

Gradients are a great way to add dynamism and energy to your website and images. A gradient is a gradual, smooth transition from one color to another.

This psychedelic, nostalgic vibe is versatile and can enhance designs and add texture to background elements. Whether you’re in need of a bold, eye-catching element or a subtle hint of color, gradients elevate your website’s design.

#5 Oversized typography 

One of the most popular web design trends is large-scale typography. This style will affect both the size and the weight of the text and can suit both simple and eclectic design styles because of its versatility. You can use oversized typography with imagery, video, or with something as simple as a black background.  

With oversized typography, keep in mind two things: accessibility and intent. As stated above, the weight, size, and color of the text are important so users can see everything clearly. This style is also meant to draw attention to a specific feature or element, so only use it for things that you want to stand out. 

#6 Dark themes

The days of white, minimalistic websites are coming to a rapid end (for some). 

If you want your visual content to stand out, a dark theme may be the right move for you. Deep, dark-colored backgrounds offer a great contrast to images, graphics, and other visual elements, which is engaging for users. 

Dark-themes are dramatic and bold, so you have to be thoughtful about how you use it. For example, a dark-themed website may not be the best choice for a wedding planner or a toy store, but it could be the perfect compliment for a tech startup.

However, if your style is text-heavy or most of your brand colors are bright, a dark theme may not be the best choice. Dark background colors don’t display a lot of copy well and don’t mesh with bright colors.

#7 Glassmorphism

Say that 5 times fast. 

Glassmorphism is a budding trend that started gaining popularity earlier this year, but we expect it to really take form in 2023. So what the heck is it? Like the name implies, glassmorphism uses the properties of glass to intensify your designs. It gives a translucent, blurred look and feel to your overall design, without looking dull—like frosted glass.

Glassmorphism elements shine when paired with vibrant, colorful backgrounds. Gradients and 3D elements also pair really well with glassmorphism style.

If you want a website that’s visually stunning without a lot of elements that can overwhelm each other and keeps users engaged, this might be the right trend for you to hop on.

#8 Organic shapes

Unlike geometric shapes, organic shapes are imperfect (just like us!). Anything without a straight line counts, like circles, squiggles, or blurbs. They can be used as background elements, on hero banners, or as complements to website copy.

Organic shapes are especially gaining popularity on SaaS and eCommerce websites. It’s a great way to display your brand's personality, without having to explicitly mention it.

#9 Animated Illustrations

When you combine animation and illustrations, magic happens. Both elements are successful and engaging on their own, so putting the two together is a no brainer!

Animated illustrations are all about creativity, personality, and engagement. There are a lot of different ways to implement animation and illustration to your website, like:

  • Logo animation: If you want to make your logo even cooler, make it move.
  • Botanical motifs: If plant imagery is part of your branding, try adding in some animated natural elements.
  • Interaction with UI elements: Showcase a human character interacting with things like buttons or other technology to showcase a new or existing product.

Animated illustrations add life to a website and create a more exciting experience for your audience. If you think your images are looking a little flat, add some movement!

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