Hedgehog Investments Case Study

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A better way to build a brand.

Hedgehog Investments is on a mission to increase the accessibility of high-performing investments, and with the help of Merithot, we are on the path to completing that mission. Alternative investments are new and diving into the unknown can be scary, but together with Hedgehog Investments we’re creating an opportunity that leaves people confident that their funds are safe.


Investment Services


Brand Identity
Web Design/Development
Graphic Design
Content Marketing
Social Media Strategy 

Completion Date


An awesome idea needs an equally awesome marketing strategy.

If people don’t know what you exist, then you won’t get anywhere.

A logo that embodies a brand in every way.

What makes a good logo? A logo should be distinctive and unique, but simplicity is key. A complicated logo leaves people confused, but one that’s too familiar can be forgettable.

The goal was to create a logo that’s playful, yet professional. Too playful would make people skeptical of the company’s credibility, too professional wouldn’t mesh with the team’s personality. We think we hit the nail on the head!

A brand that sparks confidence in a volatile world.

The world of investing can be intimidating, so we created a brand that was welcoming. One that people felt comfortable with instantly and were intrigued to learn more about.


There’s nothing better than a brand that’s beautiful, functional, and converts the right audience.


increase in pageviews


increase in average session duration


decrease in bounce rate


increase in pages per session

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