Return Rabbit
Case Study

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An eCommerce experience that’s hare-raisingly amazing.

Return Rabbit, a returns management solution for Shopify brands, came to our team for a facelift—brand speaking.


ECommerce technology


Brand Identity
Web Design
Content Marketing
Social Media Strategy 

Completion Date

August, 2020

Every brand has a journey.

Our partnership with Return Rabbit started at the beginning of every brand’s journey: identity.

We had to answer the tough questions: Who are we? What is our value proposition? How does our solution help solve a bigger problem? What does our target audience need to succeed? You know, easy, softball questions like that.

The Shopify eCommerce technology market is highly competitive and incredibly saturated, but Return Rabbit had a new software that would flip the script of returns management. In an industry seen as a cost suck, Return Rabbit has software that would drive revenue and increase customer retention. 

Thousands of new followers and users later, Return Rabbit is building an empire.

A design that just works.

Return Rabbit knew they weren’t a corporate blue and gray type company, so we customized a set of colors to fit their brand’s personality. The main color, Neon Carrot, is a shade of orange. It’s warm and cheerful, with a faint reddish cast.

With no surprise, the name comes from the color of a carrot. It represents optimism, creativity, security, and communication.


We can accomplish a lot in a year including: 


new Linkedin followers


increase in website users


increase in organic search


increase in site engagement

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