Throdle Case Study

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Fueling connections and driving experiences from the street to the screen.

Throdle is a social networking app for automotive and motorsport enthusiasts. They came to us for a little bit of everything, from rebranding and persona workshops to lead generation strategies, on-site video productions, and beyond. We’re helping this startup reach the finish line!


Social Network App


Branding Identity
Web Design
Paid Advertising
Content Marketing
Email Marketing

Completion Date


Throdle approached us with the task of redesigning their branding and giving their look a good polish. Then, we kicked it into the next gear and went full throttle! With this edgy, modern rebrand, we knew they’d need fresh content to capture their audience and reach their marketing goals.

One of the top priorities has been to generate buzz for this next-level social app and create exclusive content to share with app members. That’s why we invested hours into video production – planning, filming, editing – because it’s the most efficient means to drive these results.

What’s worth capturing? What will tell your story best? What will resonate best with your target audience? How can you distribute this content? Is it worth the investment? These are just some of the questions we unpack before, during, and after any video project (big or small).

A premier app community of car and motorsports fans

Now that Throdle has a bold aesthetic and killer content, the next step was to look for ways to not only convert leads but also keep them coming back to the app for more. 

We analyzed what was working and what wasn’t, strategized next steps, and took action by creating custom QR codes, landing pages, digital ads, copy, flyers, and social graphics that drive conversions and populate content on the app.

With some elbow grease, Throdle has been able to build an automotive network around their app and partner with key players in the industry like Formula DRIFT, FuelFest, and professional drivers and influencers. They now have millions of views on their content, incredible engagement within the app, and a growing automotive community. We’re happy to be in the passenger’s seat!


We can accomplish a lot in a year including: 


cost per new user acquisition


increase in website visits


increase in organic search

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